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Baking Cake

August 16, 2018

Hey I'm the dietitian who post pictures of cake and bakes all the time. The same person who writes about loving your body the way it is, has an opinion on family matters, and all the other random stuff that appears somewhere on this page. 


Some of you may not eat cake. Whatever the reason why- too many calories, just a dislike, allergy, no access, etc. I'm sorry. 


But if you don't eat cake because of the butter and white flour and loads of sugar it contains. I challenge you. Eat a delicious piece of cake. At least on your birthday. 


Why is the dietitian telling you to eat cake? because food fears are real and I want you to overcome them. You don't need to eliminate delicious food from your life because of fear. 


So sometime soon, seek out your favorite cake. From a bakery, a grocery store, or your grandma. Cut a slice, sit down with a cold glass of milk and enjoy it. Chew and swallow each bite remembering how moist (sorry) the cake is and how smooth and sweet the icing tastes on your tongue. Continue until you are satisfied. 


The first time you have cake enter your life again you may eat two, three, four slices to feel satisfied. But the next time, if it not too much longer later, you may feel satisfied at half a slice. 


It's cake. Not a bomb. Allow it into your life. Love it. 


This cake was my practice at making a Smith Island cake, apparently the cake of Maryland. It was good, but I enjoyed baking it the most. recipe from It had a total of 9 layers!!!!! I was proud :) 




*this is an example of intuitive eating. I'll explain intuitive eating in more detail again soon :)*








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