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God Loves Your Flab

May 6, 2018

The weather has been warm for several days in a row. As I'm wearing shirts, t-shirts, and sleeveless shirts I've found it difficult to not look at myself without disgust. I want to pinch this here, flatten this, and erase this for my body to be "beautiful". 


For me, this stems out of the desire to be loved. I deeply desire for someone to tell me that I am lovely and to truly love me. But really, I just want someone to accept me. To notice me as a potential friend. To invite me to the movies, to lunch, to share a bottle of wine. For you, maybe it is something different. 


Today I read an blog article from my current favorite dietitian about our relationship with God and our body image. She described my feelings, my frustrations, and my failures SO WELL. 


"In my life, God patiently waited on me to stop having idols besides him.  For years my bodily habits relating to food and exercise continued to conflict with my professed values.  He waited on me still.  Knowing all along that I’m made for more than just having a body with as little fat on it as possible."-Kylie,


Jesus loves you. He loves you as you are- with or without your flab. I have spent so much time trying to manipulate my body instead of focusing on what God is calling me to do. I missed wonderful opportunities because I was scared. I was scared about what I was going to eat, when I was going to run, and what I was going to do. Now, I hope and pray I will have the courage to seize opportunities in the future. 


On the outside, we hide it. We hide the fact that we are embarrassed by how we look. Or that we follow a strict exercise routine and only eat certain foods. We cover our acts with things like "I want to be healthy" "it's my stress relief". Yet, how is it healthy or a stress relief if we can' t miss a day? If we can't alter it? If we avoid spending time with friends or family to stick to our routine? 


But what does the inside say? Is your body wanting you to just eat that scoop of ice cream with people rather than sip your water or even skip it because "you're busy"? Are you too busy trying to manipulate your brain than to simply enjoy life? 


We only have limited time on earth to do God's plan- don't miss out because you're worried about what you look like. 


You were made in God's image- now act like it. Love yourself, Love God, Love life. ❤



Read this article to hear Kylie's wisdom and more!






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