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Educational Status

December 4, 2017

Is there a correlation to education and marriage? Number of children? length of marriage? Do people with similar educational levels bond attract to each other?


There are so many questions that are related to education and the family. Let's do a brief opinion- question summary now. 


Question 1: Do people with similar education attract to each other? I think there is a correlation to this for several reasons. First, many people meet their spouse in school. Whether this is high school, college, a technical program, or residency- it is all school and if someone is in there with you then they most likely will have the same or similar educational level than you. Then there are the people who don't seek higher education at all. There is nothing wrong with this, but there is a likelihood that these people will come across each other more often in their daily life. Whether that is in similar housing districts, jobs, or eating establishments. 


Next question: Is there a correlation between number of children and education level of couples? You know I don't know. There are many things that contribute to number of children. Religion, personal preferences, health- but I do think a big factor is financial status more so than education. However, education is correlated with financial status. The more educated are most likely to have a better financial status than those who did not seek a higher degree. But, those who are more educated may spend their time focusing on career rather than starting a family. Thus, I think overall this is a very difficult question that could go many directions. 


Lastly, how does education affect the familial unit? Education can result in a better quality of life in general. This better quality can be attributed to resources: insurance, access to healthcare, good housing, and fine food. The children of a couple who have been educated are more likely to achieve higher education additionally.  This can result in a trend for the family until one child decides a different path is right for them. Nothing is wrong with this, but it could occur. It may seem like all offspring of educated parents are obligated to further their education. On the flip side, offspring of parents who did not further their education, may not have the same opportunities or pressure as the former. Yet, this is not to say they will or cannot. They may have more roadblocks, but they are just as capable as the offspring of a college alumni. 


Overall, I think education definitely does have a piece in the very large family puzzle. It can affect a family greatly. 






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