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Us or the Child?

December 5, 2017

You never want to be in this position. But think about it. A couple has just welcomed a beautiful baby into this world. However, this child is not like every other child. This child was born with a heart defect. The child's condition results in multiple surgeries right after birth and around the clock care for many more years. How does this child affect the parent's intimacy? 


The parents are separated for months after the child's birth. The mother stays in the hospital to be with their new baby but the father must continue to provide for the house and care for the couple's other children. When the mother and new baby arrive home the mother is still preoccupied with carrying for her new child who needs attention.


What affect does this have on the couple? They are so busy not only caring for an infant, but a infant who requires extra care. How do they stay connected when they are separated for months and then have a new baby waking up every few hours? 



This struggle is faced by many new parents. Not just parents of a child with a disability. However, the difference is that this child will never be able to full care for himself. Thus, unlike an infant who will one day sleep through the night and move out of the house, this child may live with the parents forever. This could greatly affect the amount of time the couple has together and make it more difficult for them to stay connected.


Yet the couple must make THEM this a priority because out of their love comes love for their children. It is not selfish to take time for themselves, but rather life giving and best for everyone. 


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