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Commitment for life

December 5, 2017

I don't know why this came to mind, but it did. I think of proposals- maybe the season? I think proposals say something about a person. Where it is done, how it is done, and more... so many details! What does it signal? A beginning of a family? A next step? Commitment? It may mean something different to each person. This last one though commitment may tell us the most about a person. 




Commitment is being dedicated to a cause or activity. In this case, a proposal is you promising that you will dedicated yourself to the the other at the wedding celebration. I think many people fear this. Why do they fear it? Hmm. who knows? 


Maybe they have a difficult time trusting people. Their own past could have contributed to this feeling or this fear. This fear is usually complicated. And the person either doesn't realize it is what is holding them back or tries to hide it. 


They may have never experienced a good, healthy relationship. This missing piece could cause them to have an instant idea of all relationships being awful like the ones they've experienced in the past. 


Hurt can also cause one to fear commitment. If someone has risked themselves and later were let down they may not want to put themselves out again. This hesitance is built on fear and will not be solved until they learn to trust again. 



Commitment is a scary thing in general. It can be difficult to truly put yourself out there for life. But if done successfully it can lead to a very beautiful life. 












they've experienced in the 

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