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Bashing Blogging

November 15, 2017

Social media is huge in the world today. Everywhere we got there is an opportunity to like a post, check in, hash tag or snap a picture. Blogging is now a full time job. Social media managers are at every large company. Going back to these bloggers... they literally make money by writing a diary. Posting pictures and sharing a "Day in the Life" = money. Many of these bloggers are parents who love to share pictures, videos, and comments about their children. The freedom of speech is real, but to what point is this an invasion of privacy for the child? 





I recently read a book about a mother putting her child on a diet. Though it was primarily about the social stigma of obesity, at the end another problem ensued. The mother was asked to appear in a magazine article and go through a photo shoot. They asked particularly if her daughter would be in the picture with her. Does she want her eight year old little girl's picture posted in a magazine everywhere about how she was an obese child and lost a bunch of weight? 


This isn't just about the publicity a blog post or a magazine article gets. It is about the child's future. Do you think that picture of a bad hair day is really needed on the internet? What about the zillion pictures from the child's seventh birthday? One may think that the child won't care at the current age and by the time they are at an age that they might care it would be history. But are their other problems that could result from this?


Well, folks, we live in an age where disgusting minds exist. There are perverts out there and there are people waiting to take in every. single. picture. This may only happen to 5% of the population, but is it really worth it to even take this risk? 


It's hard. I love babies and ooing and awwing over their cute matching outfits or darling smile is so just beautiful. It is inspiring and is a true example of joy in the world. It is wonderful that parents now have this option to stay at home and take in every moment of motherhood while also maintaining an income. They are able to share the joys and sorrows of everyday life and build a community of people in like situations. Yet, there is a limit, a fine line to this sharing in order to maintain safety and security for not only the writer but all those pictured or mentioned. 


Now, where is this line? Well I don't know. I know there are risks out there and that blogging and social media is a completely new dimension to technology existing in the world today. And it poses a threat to society if we are not careful to watch what we post. 


*all pictures featured in this post and the majority of posts are stock images from I know nothing about these people except they take lovely pics.*



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