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The Core of Society

October 11, 2017

The core of apple is where it all begins. It is where the seed is found, the start of life. Earth's core is dense- the layers make up the world we know. I'm on the core team at the Newman center on campus and a core member of a catering company this past summer. What is the commonality of all these cores? The core is the foundation, the center of an apple, an earth, an organization, a business: it is where ideas and life develop. 


What about society? Where does society begin? The family is where it all starts. Since, my knowledge of psychology is actually fairly slim, I discovered this through theology, but it ties back to what I have learned in classes as well. 


The ultimate mystery of theology is the Trinity . One God in three persons: the lover bestows love upon the beloved which is so great forms another person. The family exhibits this mystical union perfectly as the visible sign of God on earth. 


A married couple parallels this great mystery in their sacrificial love for each other. A husband and wife completely giving of themselves to each other with the openness for life, reveal the love of God. 


However, in the world today, families are broken. Divorce, death, fights, and abuse have caused separation, hurt and brokenness. How has this affected families? Well, is there a connection between broken families and acting out children? bullying? mental health disorders including eating disorders? What about use of illegal drugs? excessive alcohol? All of these can both cause family brokenness and be a consequence. 


A young boy without a father may lack a male role model and lack support on maturing into a young man. A young girl with an abusive father may develop a distrust of all men. Children of separated parents may act out, yearning for attention from their parents amidst their personal troubles. These are just a few of many possible results of broken families. 


What affect does this have on society? Increased crime, single parents, poverty rates, less education, suicide- all things that bring a society down. If this continues for generations, what will become of society in general? We wonder where all the bad is coming from in this world... have we looked into our own families? How do we treat our relatives, neighbors, classmates, officials? 


As mentioned before, it is the family where it all begins. Families make up society. Families consist of different combinations of men and women, but it still works the same. In a family, a child learns how to treat others, grow up and make decisions. They learn this in school, but it begins in the home- the family. 


When families lack this education, this basic provision of needs, it trickles down through generations and others encountered. Thus, when the family collapses, society collapses. 


The core of the apple is where it all began, inside that tiny seed. In the core of society, life begins. In the beginning of life, education occurs and thus society is built. With the family as the core of society, it must be protected. 





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